Monday, January 20, 2014

$12 Lululemon Wunder Under Dupe?

While my usual browsing of Forever 21's website, looking for a good deal, and I see these beauties.

Forever 21 Contrast Waist Yoga Leggings
Black/Black $11.80

These look very familiar, don't they? Almost like the very popular, and expensive Lululemon Wunder Under pant? A lot of us want them, I know, but don't want to spend the whopping $82 price tag? 

Lululemon Wonder-Under Pant

Taking a closer look at both of them, you can tell that the seams are very similar..... Identical maybe?

Forever 21


On the top are the forever 21 leggings, and on the bottom are the Lululemons.

Another bonus is the identical pockets! Again, top one is from F21, and the one on the bottom are from Lululemon.

As you can tell, these are pretty much identical to lululemons, however I can't tell you about how these fit, fabric, or how comfortable they are, but they are now on their way to my house. After they get shipped, I will update you guys. (:

You can purchase the Forever 21 Leggings here.

You can purchase the Lululemons here.
(Sorry for the bad screenshots! I have no idea what happened :P)

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